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Welcome to the most important page on any website – the “about me” page. Here you will find everything about me, me and me. Read on if you are interested to learn more about ME.

“Try not to become a man of success,
but rather try to become a man of value”

I like this Albert Einstein quote, simply because it reflects how I see myself as a person and secondly it should make you think I am a really clever cookie. That’s how it works when people quote clever people. Just check LinkedIn.

In my day job, I am a guy with 25 years of international management consulting experience. I know a thing or two about large-scale business transformation, global growth management, and operational restructuring. I pass on my limited wisdom to people who are just starting out with their businesses. They are called start-ups nowadays.

I mentor start-up founders, and if I really like the concept I sometimes invest in the venture.

A few years ago I started writing, mostly business-related stuff but have now started with kids stories and a new book: Tobi and Mobi D – the secret of the Arctic Ice.

Throughout my life, I have lived in more countries than I can remember. I now live with my family in Australia.

I love sailing, specifically offshore sailing and bluewater cruising. I am currently planning a circumnavigation with my family. You can find all the blog posts about the preparations here.

I have a desire to understand everything that is going on in our world, especially if it is about launching and running new businesses, exploring new ideas and new innovative solutions. I love getting to know interesting and positive (‼) people.

I am always eager to help and share my (limited) wisdom and (unlimited) advice and -if needed – share contacts from my little black book if I can’t help you.

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Oh, and in case you were wondering. You will not find any paid advertising nor shitty affiliate links on my webpage. I do not make any money from this blog. All people, products or services I endorse here are simply cool. That’s why I mention them.