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Wow, 2018 was a tough year, really tough. I can’t say 2019 started much better and just the simple fact that I am writing this list near end of March shows how much time has already passed.

Such list is usually best written at the beginning of the new year because it covers the previous year but I simply didn’t have enough time.

What list?

Well my personal Lars curated Oscar list!

The what?

My list of people who have either impressed the hell out of me or just for being who they are or for what they do.

It is my way of saying thanks to people. Simple.

We should do this more often. Say thanks I mean. Give it a try, it works wonders.

I usually write individual emails to the people at the end of each year but this year I wanted to acknowledge the people publicly as most of the below people hang around social media anyway and I need content for my blog 🙂

Don’t get overexcited though. I have about 11 followers on this blog so actually it is more about self reflection and acknowledgement than fame by clicks.

Little disclaimer. My family is not mentioned here because it goes without saying that their contribution to my wellbeing and happiness by far exceeds anything that I could write on the internet.

So, here goes my list of people who were special to me in one or another way in 2018. The list is by alphabet not by priority.

Chris Clark

Chris is the founder and now chair of fusesport – a company that provides technology that helps scale sports events. He is also involved in a number of start-up related activities here in Sydney. 

I met Chris for the first time in my / our role as mentor and advisor for kiddsbay (now Chris and I share a passion for sailing and mentoring. Except Chris is in the premier league of sailing and I consider him a much better mentor.

I had the pleasure of sailing with Chris multiple times and what impressed me the most was his way to encourage sailing novices to get involved and more importantly getting people to take over and get comfortable behind the helm.

Chris ability to calmly explain and let people try for themselves is pretty amazing. The way he encourages people goes obvioulsy much beyond sailing and is very visible when he works with start-ups and founders.

Chris is on my list because I learned a lot from Chris just by observing him.

Thanks Chris!

Chris on LinkedIn, kebloom, Founders Institute, Fusesport, Spark Festival

Chris Dancy

Chris Dancy is the most connected man in the world. I heard about Chris in 2017 when someone mentioned Chris as part of a keynote presentation at a conference. After the conference I reached out to Chris via email because I was interested in his work and wanted to bounce off an idea I had.

Something Chris had worked on for years in the healthcare sector.

To be honest I never thought he would even respond to my email. But he did and not only that, we followed up with a Skype call. Chris is one of the few people who responds to a total stranger’s request with interest and compassion. I had the feeling we had known each other for years and I am talking first skype call!

When Chris came to Sydney to deliver one of his many talks he reached out to me a la “hey, I am going to be in Sydney, want to meet up?” and well, we met up! Our conversation was one of the most engaging, thoughtful, interesting, and inspiring coversations I had with another person in 2018.

Chris also was super suppportive when we launched the GenAlpha campaing for the kids and responded as one of the few “celebrities” on social media. Chris recently published his book “Don’t Unplug: How Technology Saved My Life and Can Save Yours Too” and I read it in 24hrs cover to cover.

Thanks Chris!

Chris Website, Chris Book:Don’t Unplug, Chris TED Talk, Chris Twitter

Jamie Andrei

Jamie Andrei is the founder of bake agency and a media / social media professional through and through. Jamie has been supporting me and the GenAlpha Project beyond what can normally be expected and I am very proud to call him my friend.

Jamie and I worked together on a number of projects related to the GenAlpha Project but this is not about Jamie’s professional expertise (which is second to none by the way).

Jamie is one of the few people who has always had an open ear for my stories (the same goes the other way :-)). I have had some of the most interesting, sometimes heated discussions with Jamie about basically anything. Which is why Jamie is on the list. We really should start the “talk anything” podcast.

Thanks for all your help, support and a good friendship!

Thanks Jamie!

Bake Agency Website, Jamie Twitter, Bake YouTube, Bake Instagram

Lisa Short

Lisa Short. Where do I start? A powerhouse of a woman, world changer, change maker, influencer, turbo networker, makes wrong right, dot connector, relationship broker, keynote speaker, eats conferences for breakfast. I could go on.

I actually think Lisa never sleeps. I can text her anytime and a response will be with me within minutes. Doesn’t matter if she is in New York, London or Brisbane.

Lisa is on this list, not only for being one of the biggest supporters of the GenAlpha project but also has become a close friend who has made herself available to listen when I wasn’t top of the world.

What impresses me the most is how Lisa juggles 1001 things at once in 6 different locations simultaneously. I am quite convinced Lisa secretly invented the 48 hr day and just doesn’t tell anyone how to enter her 14 day week.

Thanks Lisa!

Mindshift, Lisa LinkedIn, Lisa Twitter

Mark Brand

This man is special. I met Mark at a muru.d event in Sydney and he basically impressed the fucking hell out of me. I use profanity here because that’s something Mark is known for and I think he doesn’t mind me putting it this way. He just speaks his mind without any political correctness. However, that’s not why he is on this list.

Honestly, I had no clue who he was on my way to the event. All I had was a personal invite from the lovely people at muru.d (thanks Julie Trell) to listen to a guy called Mark Brand. I really had nothing better to do that evening. I was also pretty depressed that day.

Mark’s story and achievements blew me away. He is definitely one of the top people in the world (for me) who makes a difference and creates impact. Mark is all walking not just talking. He gets shit done and helps people. His story is too long to write here just check out the links below.

I never ever walk up to people after their talk. Never. Don’t see the point. Except with Mark. Can’t tell you what it was, but I had to shake his hand. Well, I was in for a treat. I got a big long hug!

Mark, your story that evening has given me some proper direction and re-confirmation for my own life!

Thanks Mark!

Mark Instagram, Mark Twitter, Mark LinkedIn, Mark Speaker Website

Malin Frick

Malin Frick is awesome. She is an environmetal educatior and campaigner. Malin is also the founder of the Northern Beaches Clean Up Crew. I reached out to Malin in 2018 to join her regular beach clean up crew with the kids from the GenAlpha Project.

We ran the event together and have been in contact ever since. Malin tirelessly fights and campaigns for OUR environment and takes real hands-on action when it comes to environmental issues and wildlife protection. Malin stands for everything that is right about people protecting our planet and we as a family will be supporting you wherever we can.

Malin is on this list because you made us aware of local environmental issues where we can help and make an impact. On top of that you showed the kids how important it is that we look after our planet. In the current climate crisis discussion this is one of the most important roles you can take on adn I want to thank you for that.

Thanks Malin!

Malin LinkedIn, Malin WildAware, Northern Beaches Cleanup Crew

Nils Steinig

Nils has been an incredible supporter in our GenAlpha journey, a personal friend and is just a wonderful human being.

Mr Nils. You have become one of my closest friends and mates. You are on my list for who you are and your support at times when things didn’t work out as planned.

You are super young and could be my son, which makes you as a person even more impressive. Without embarrassing you here too much your level of intellect and humour is something inspiring.

Keep it up buddy!

Thanks Nils!

Nils LinkeIn, Nils YouTube

So this concludes my 2018 list of people I am thankful to have met or who have been important in other ways.

Thanks all!

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