coconut bikini – the book

About 9 months ago I decided to write a book. Given that I will soon turn 50 that might very well be a “midlife crisis idea” except,  I actually started writing many many years ago. Some of the stuff I have written will make its way into the book.

The book is called Coconut Bikini. It is a book about living a positive, satisfying life as a family.

Family? Yes, family.

You see, the majority of books about happiness, motivation, life changes, life struggle, self-help and other related topics are focusing on individuals. 

That’s OK. But.

There are plenty of people (like me) who run into some form of challenge (be it personal, financial, professional, medical, etc.) at a time when they have their own family. Or they get to a point where they completely want to change their life (like me), but have kids and a partner to care about. 

So the “spend your weekend at a Bikram yoga retreat and re-charge your inner self” might not have the desired effect when little Jonny has a football match on Saturday and your partner couldn’t care less if Yogi Swami himself is in attendance.

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