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Over the last 6 weeks, I have unsubscribed from 169 newsletters and other online subscriptions. These didn’t even include spam emails. Just simple email communications that I accumulated over the years and never got around dealing with. Instead, I would waste time every day skimming the headlines, read one or two and mostly deleting these messages.

I deleted or rather unsubscribed all of them and that was only the start. In addition, I closed my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts. I won’t be super active on Linked and Twitter anymore.

Instead, I will be re-focusing my online activities on this blog with a few, hopefully interesting, valuable and insightful posts per month. 

LinkedIn seems dead (read more about this from Chris Dancy in his post) Oh, and don’t think I am going to unplug, just the opposite – this is about value, FOR ME and my personal contacts if you are interested.

Talking of unplugging or not – check out Chris’ book “Don’t Unplug: How Technology Saved My Life and Can Save Yours Too“, highly recommend it!

There’s more though.

I deleted tons of apps on my iPhone, news apps, reminder apps, and messaging apps I rarely use, all apps that were dormant for more than 4 weeks = deleted.

I also set-up new rules for myself on how to manage my emails. Exactly twice a day I check my emails. Once at 9.30AM and once at 4.30PM and zero email on weekends (I do not carry my phone on the weekends anymore).

Emails in cc = rubbish bin (via an auto filter), anything not related to ongoing business or project work = rubbish bin, anything that doesn’t have a clear ask or action request = rubbish bin. You’d be surprised how quickly your name moves from the Cc… to the To… box or better, someone actually calls you.

Life Restructuring  🙂

I haven’t finished yet, I am still refocusing and getting rid of a range of other time and value sucking life activities and these are far from just online or gadget related activities. So why?

Pretty simple, there are just not enough boxes. Stay with me.

Imagine you were given $86400 every day, at the end of 24hrs all of this money or what is left of it disappears, you can’t save it. The same thing happens day after day. So let me ask you then. Would you invest and spend this money or would you just wait and sit for it to disappear?

My guess is you would spend it, preferably all of it, because you can’t keep the change. More importantly, you would probably want to spend it on something valuable?

Well, we all have 86400 seconds per day, every 24h we get a new set of 86400 seconds and I am in the process of stopping to waste MY precious time on “no-value-add” activities. Interestingly, “no-value-add” activities have this nasty side effect that they not only waste my time but also yours. If I post some non-relevant bullshit on social media I am also wasting your precious time.

My investment focus is pretty clear, yours is probably different but I bet family, friends, health and career or business is part of your portfolio?

So what about the boxes?
They are just another way of showing time. You can obviously map 86400 seconds in a day, 7 days in a week and 52 weeks in a year – like I did in the below diagram. If you do that you realise, that at some point the “free hand-out” of 86400 seconds per day abruptly stops. There is a guarantee for that.

While nobody can tell you when this is going to happen, you can pretty accurately map the time you already spent. Which is up to the exact second before you read this sentence (apologies if you think it was a waste of your time because I  thoroughly enjoyed writing this). In my case, I want to make sure I fill the remaining boxes with happiness and that excludes wasting time on “no-value-add” activities.

With that in mind, I wish you an extremely cool weekend, enjoy whatever you are going to do as long as it makes you happy (which is a proper value by the way!)


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4 thoughts on “not enough boxes”

  1. Haha, I did a similar excercise a few years ago and it changed my life. Keep it up you’ll see it works !

  2. Hi Craig buddy! Thanks so much for your comment. Interstingly I lapsed a bit and recently got so hung up on some IG account and got to the point asking myself: what the heck am I doing here? Who is this for? Pretty simple – it is all about acceptance and recognition, even that little like from some dude in Bangalore or the bot from the US. It is sick mate. Blog post on this soon to come. I am now back on track communicating with friends directly – calls, emails or messages. That’s what real connections are about. Talk soon buddy

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