chasing the dream?

What’s your dream? What do you enjoy doing? What life are you living?

If you are a parent, what do you want for your kids? Picture the day they walk out of your home as grown-ups – what do you want them to look back at, and more importantly, will you have managed to give them everything they need to live their adult lives?

Do you enjoy getting up everyday at the same time, hopefully have breakfast with your loved ones, then make your way to what ever you do for a living, 8-10 hours later you touch down at home (if), have dinner, spent some time doing something (kids, hobby, reading etc (hopefully)) then rinse repeat x 5 interrupted by weekends x 52 x your life expectancy – The End?

Oh, not to forget the one or two times you have a 10 days break per year to “recharge your batteries” and then back to rinse and repeat?

So, again: What’s your dream? What life are you living? Is it your dream life? Do you enjoy what you are doing?
Love to hear what you think.

not one drop

Today I am extremely proud that I haven’t had any alcohol for exactly 365 days and I am not planning to ever have alcohol again.

I am writing this here because I know a lot of people who are in the same situation. Last year I realised more and more that every week I was working towards Friday evenings to have a glass of juicy red wine first and then focus on family or other things. After that first glass, I would calm down and be ready for the weekend.

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