my top 5 most valuable sailing vlogs

There are plenty of sailing vlogs on YouTube. Some are really great, others not so. Either way, you really have to commend the people behind the videos for their efforts.

If you ever tried to film, edit and publish a video of more than 10 minutes length you’ll know it is a heck of a job. I have worked with professional video producers in the past and can tell you it is pretty impressive what the sailors produce with a tiny GoPro or an off-the-shelf DSLR. 

Also, remember that all of them are working on their productions while at sea or anchorage on a bobbing boat somewhere in the world with WiFi access the speed of an injured racing snail (if that).

However, you can see from my title I am talking about “valuable sailing vlogs”. As much as I enjoy some vloggers showing off female crew members in bikinis, swimming with sharks or drone shots of white sandy beaches along green-blue waters, I want to learn something.

Something valuable. Something I can apply when we eventually set sail.

I want to learn what happens when the jib-furler gets stuck in 30knots, I want to know how to do passage planning, I want to know why a high weather front moves towards a low weather front, and maybe tell me something about cool software, apps or physical tools I should have on my boat when I cross the Atlantic.  I need answers for all of these questions and there is no better place than YouTube’s sailing vloggers. Simply because it would take you 3 lifetimes to figure everything out by yourself.

So for me that’s valuable information and because this is my blog I get to decide anyway 😉 So here we go. My top 5 list. 

Please note the ranking amongst these 5 is totally random, they all provide a different angle and different information.

Nick O’Kelly

The channel is called Nick O’Kelly but you’ll see videos made by Nick, his wife Megan and their dog Sugar. The three of them are cruising on their catamaran “Clarity” a Leopard 46 and have been on YouTube since 2007!! Nick is a former meteorologist and pilot and knows a hell of a lot about, you probably guessed it …weather! 

They have sailed the Caribbean and West Coast extensively, from Alaska to Mexico. Both Nick and Megan (ok, Sugar you too!) have extremely pleasant voices. I know that sounds a bit awkward but watch their videos or better listen to one of their podcasts and you’ll hear what I mean.

Fun and happy people, meteorology and weather insights, dogs on boats, boat buying tips, passage planning and weather routing, cruising life, electric boat engines  

Watch their latest video

Sailing followtheboat

Jamie and Liz, two Brits on a boat with a cat called Millie. They have been cruising and telling the story of their sailing adventures since 2006.

Their boat (SV Esper) is an Oyster 435 cutter-rigged ketch. Beautiful boat, my type of thing except for the ketch rigging but more about that in a different post.

By now Jamie and Liz have written over 500 blog entries and produced over 150 videos on YouTube which is pretty incredible.

Their blog is of extremely high quality not only the content but also the photos and design. No surprise here because Liz is a writer and Jamie a photographer. You can tell. Just check for yourself.

Liz, Jamie and Millie have sailed from Turkey to Indonesia through Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen, Oman, India, Maldives, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Now they are heading east to Japan and Alaska.

Super experienced full-time sailors, cats on boats, safety, SOS, mechanical, sailing software and apps, sailing in high seas and rough weather,engine repair, reef navigation, remote islands, remote cultures and places

Watch their latest video

Erik Aanderaa

Erika Aanderaa (no, this is not a typo, he has 4 a’s in his surname) does not post a video every week but when he does you’ll be amazed. “No Bullshit, just sailing” focuses entirely on the actual sailing part of …sailing. No show, no bikinis, no coral reef snorkelling or sunsets with Pina Colada. 

Erik’s content is all about him sailing offshore, in the challenging North Sea outside the coast of Norway. He willingly seeks bad weather and tries to capture his sailing adventures in his videos and makes a stellar job of it. His drone footage is pretty spectacular.

Hard core North Sea sailing, route planning, night sailing, boat repairs, drone usage, storm sailing, cold and freezing weather insights 

Watch his intro video

The Sailing Frenchman

I am a huge fan of Hugo – the sailing frenchman! It is is one thing to sail the world and cross the blue waters in a sailing boat but to do this in a 26ft (8m) sailboat is just another level. I call it a nutshell, Hugo calls his Ecume de Mer his floating home. He restored her totally by himself and then started his journey around the world.

His videos are about raw sailing to remote areas on our beautiful planet and I love Hugo’s attitude a la: “There are quite a lot of reefs here and the objective is not to hit any of them while we are sailing past them, let’s see how this goes”

raw sailing on a tiny boat, boat repairs, boat mechanics, navigation, blue water cruising, professional sailing, racing

Watch his latest video

Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose

Nick and Terysa from the UK have been sailing their yacht Ruby Rose for the last 5 years. She has taken them from the UK, down the Atlantic Coast of France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco, before crossing the Atlantic Ocean. They then spent two years sailing the Caribbean, Bahamas and USA before doing another transatlantic crossing and sailing the Western Mediterranean. 

Ruby Rose, a Southerly 38 is currently up for sale because Nick and Terysa are looking for a catamaran for their next adventure which will take them into more remote parts of the world like the South Pacific. 

As part of their new boat search the two are publishing a series of cat review videos which are very well made and great to watch. I am a total monohull guy but have to admit some of those cats are very tempting. 

technical videos covering nearly all parts of the boat, catamaran reviews, no bullshit sailing product insights, boat life, world cruising, full time liveaboards

Watch their latest video

Blog feature photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash. Big thanks!!

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