we are building a beneteau 57 – part 1

The Beneteau 57 is a powerful sloop rig sailing boat and happens to be our family’s dreamboat. B57’s as they are called were build from 2002 to 2010 by Beneteau in France.

Our boat is going to be called “Rainbow Chaser” partly because the kids have very specific requirements for the colour of the hull. Yep, you guessed it, rainbow colours. Given the age of the B57s on the market and the plan to buy “only” one of the older ones (2004-2008) it is pretty likely that we will have to do some hull repairs or at least freshen up the hull.

So before we go ahead and spraypaint a 22ton boat not knowing what to expect we decided to build a 1:18 scale model of OUR B57 so we can experiment with the colours and other features we want on the boat. Apart from this, it is a great project for the family to work on this together with the boys.

To make it more fun we are recording the whole process. Below is the first video where we took the only “technical drawing” of a B57 we could find on the internet and traced the outlines to get to a semi-accurate vector drawing. A vector image is an image that you can scale without the loss of quality unlike the original photo which would be too fuzzy if we zoomed this to nearly 1 x1.5 meters scale.

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